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About Us

Grain HandlerAdvanced Grain Handling Systems is a family owned company. We have licensed and trained service techs on hand and our #1 focus is service. Our primary product are continuous flow grain dryers. We are located in ND. Advanced Grain Handling Systems has installed dryers on farms and grain terminal applications in many locations across the United States. If your needs include storage bins, dryers, bean ladders, grain bucket elevators, grain conveyors or cleaning equipment, Advanced Grain Handling Systems can provide these products, including custom design engineering for any grain handling facility to be constructed.

The Grain Handler dryer is capable of drying virtually any type of grain that needs to be dried. Some of the grain types that the Grain Handler dryer has dried include: rice, canola, corn, beans, sunflower seeds, rape seed, kidney beans, wheat, mustard seed, milo, barley, flax, and all types of oil seed grains. The design of all galvanized solid side panels differentiates the Grain Handler dryer from the competition.

Some of the advantages that the Grain Handler dryer offers include the fuel-efficient Maxon® burners that will save 35% or more on fuel bills. The Maxon burner is considered state of the design with respect to gas fired appliances. The Maxon burner is capable of burning propane, natural gas or butane. The dryer is completely automatic and will fill and unload itself as well as turn off when out of grain without supervision. Quick and easy clean out doors run the full length of the dryer to enable the operator to change types of grain being dried easily, without contamination of grain.

A full range of temperatures are available for drying seed quality grains, kidney beans have successfully been dried in the Grain Handler dryer, no other type dryer has dried kidney beans successfully before. Status indicating lights on the control panel indicate the status of all the devices operating on the dryer as well as a source of problems in the event of a dryer shut down.

Our dryers have a long life with very low maintenance. These are just a few of the many advantages that the Grain Handler dryer has to offer. If you are looking for an economical grain drying system and equipment, chances are the Grain Handler can fulfill your needs for years into the future. Give us a call to discuss your specific grain handling requirements or send email by clicking on the contact link to the left hand side of the screen.

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