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Whether future plans call for building new bins as part of your long term storage requirements, or you have existing bins that need Power Sweeps. The New "Daay Bin Paddle Sweep" from Sioux Steel is just a logical choice!

This revolutionary paddle design allows for a safer environment for your employees while it increases productivity. With the "No Entry" regulations that are required to provide a safe work place today, this design offers some amazing features. Such as the power sweep will run even if it's totally submerged in grain. It will also sweep the floor as it works its way around thus eliminating the need to get in the bin and sweep up what has been left behind.

This Sweep that is built right here in the USA is the most exciting new product that we have seen come on to the market in quite some time.

Give a call if you have any questions. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you about all the reasons this new sweep is the right sweep for your success!

You can also download a brochure with more details.

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